Failing to respond to driver information requests

Anybody convicted of failing to provide driver details faces an endorsement of six penalty on their Driving Licence

These cases arise in the main when the police believe that a traffic offence has been committed but the vehicle concerned is not stopped at the time. The most obvious example is where a vehicle is apparently caught speeding by a speed camera.

In the first instance the police send an official notice to the registered keeper of the vehicle asking for the name and details of the driver. Based on the reply, further notices may be sent out to individuals who ought to have knowledge of the driver's details.

Anybody who fails to respond adequately to such a notice commits an offence. Where a person is convicted of the offence, he will be fined and in almost all circumstances the court dealing with the case must impose six points on the defendant's licence - which is often more than the original offence of, say, speeding would have attracted.

Cases of this nature are commonplace but they can be successfully defended if that defence is prepared in the right manner.

A driver with six points on his licence is half way to a lengthy driving ban.  He faces increased insurance premiums and if he only passed his driving test in the two year period prior to the offence then he will have to take that test again.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Legal Aid available in these cases?

In theory, Legal Aid can be applied for but in practice it is very unlikely to be granted.

How much will it cost me to instruct a solicitor?

Quite possibly less than you would pay in increased insurance costs if you are convicted! We are mindful that these are difficult times and will discuss legal costs with you prior to taking any action on your case. If you are acquitted then the court itself will usually reimburse some of your legal costs.

What are my chances of being found Not Guilty?

Impossible to say without detailed knowledge of your case but you can be sure that once we have looked at your case in detail we will give you a well informed and honest opinion. We can say that Not Guilty verdicts in such cases are far from uncommon, especially where the defence has been prepared properly.