Crown Court

The most serious criminal cases are dealt with before a judge and jury in the Crown Court. In such cases the stakes are inevitably much higher.

Crown CourtThe complexities of Crown Court cases are such that no defendant should ever seek to represent himself. The court itself will make every effort to ensure that defendants have proper representation and in the Crown Court every defendant is entitled to Legal Aid.

Most of our Crown Court cases are managed by Elaine Hattersley and in virtually all cases Elaine instructs a barrister to represent our clients before the court.


Will I have to pay toward the cost of my defence?

Legal Aid will in general be granted to all defendants in the Crown Court. For those on low incomes, Legal Aid will be free of charge. Those with higher incomes may be asked to pay a monthly contribution.

Who will represent me in the Crown Court?

One of our lawyers at this office will be responsible for your case. In the majority of cases Elaine Hattersley will be responsible for the case on a day to day basis. She will be responsible for arranging meetings with you, correspondence, dealing with the Crown Prosecution Service and arranging for a barrister to present your case before the Crown Court.

What is a barrister?

The barristers we deal with are specialist advocates, with particular experience and expertise in matters before the higher courts, including the Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

How will my barrister be chosen?

We have strong links with many of the finest barristers on what is called the Western Circuit (which includes Salisbury and Winchester Crown Courts). We make a judgement on which one to instruct based upon availability, experience, the type of case being defended and any particular circumstances relevant to the client. On occasion, our clients express a wish for a named barrister to be instructed. We try to accommodate those wishes whenever possible.