"I feel the need. The need for speed!" - Tom Cruise, Top Gun, 1986

SpeedingSpeed may be acceptable for pilots in the US Navy, but the courts take a different view when it occurs on a public highway!

The police will usually offer a speeding driver a fixed penalty ticket, which means the driver gets three points on his driving licence. If a fixed penalty is not offered then the likelihood is that either the driver already has nine or more points on his licence or that the speed involved in the offence was very high.

In high speed cases the police often procure a summons to bring the driver to court so that he can explain to the magistrates why he should not be disqualified. This may not be easy given that the magistrates' decision in such a case will be based upon national guidelines and those guidelines anticipate disqualification in many instances.

Magistrates do however have a discretion to allow an errant motorist to stay on the road in most cases.

We have long experience of dealing with such matters and can assist drivers in presenting their best mitigation to the court. In a straightforward case at Salisbury Magistrates' Court our fees can be as low as £99 + VAT.

Of course, some drivers plead Not Guilty to speeding allegations.  Such cases often involve very technical issues and you should definitely seek legal advice before attending court.